Trading in the best Platform Now

What is the best brokerage firm? Certainly, this is a very common question, both among new and experienced investors. Choosing the right broker can make a huge difference to your earnings and not just because of the characteristics of each asset portfolio, but because some brokers charge higher rates than others.

What is a Stockbroker?

The securities broker is a financial institution that intermediates between you and the market. This is because individual investors do not have direct access to investments. Thus, it makes this bridge, that is, it offers applications for you to invest and processes the buy or sells orders you want to make. For the Blix Group these choices are essential.

The operation of a securities broker is regulated by the CVM (Securities and Exchange Commission) and the Central Bank (BC). So, it needs to be authorized to operate in the market. So, it is essential to keep an eye on all the details to invest your money in a smart way. From the Blix Group you can find the best options now.

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This detail is important, because every investment you make is kept under your name and CPF, which is the guarantee that it belongs to you. Otherwise, you will not receive the income or you will be able to operate it.

Also watch the video below and find out how safe it is to invest by a broker:

What does a stockbroker do?

In practice, as already explained, securities brokers work by bridging the gap between individuals or legal entities and the institutions that trade financial securities.

  • But the work of these institutions is not limited to just “selling” alternatives for investment.
  • This type of company is focused on ensuring the best opportunities and most profitable applications for its customers.

For that, they count on a team of economists specialized in analyzing the financial market, projecting possible results of the economic situation and also of the companies that have shares traded on the stock exchange .